Fighting Fires
If you're constantly fighting fires maybe you're not a fire fighter but an arsonist!"


Are you someone we can help?

We can help you if your time is incredibly valuable to you and you are constantly "running out of it." You are very busy, often frantic, too often surrounded by people that move too slow for you. The demands on your time are extraordinary and you demand extraordinary methods to match those demands. If you could just find an extra hour it would make a huge difference.

Our aim is to help you and your organization achieve peak productivity by accelerating your projects through leadership. This begins with self-leadership, the ability to get the most out of every minute. Only then can you focus on getting the most out of others. As a self-leader you can coach, mentor, and demand more from others in a way that inspires them and helps them grow into self-leaders. Now you are capable of delegating and empowering others to gain even more personal productivity in your day. As an effective leader you are now in a position to create and lead entire teams of people to accomplish you and your organizations vision. This is the leverage you must have to build a more profitable business.

Your title may be owner, CEO, CIO, CFO, project or program manager, technical lead, quality manager, or any type of manager that may or may not have the word "project' in it. You are an independent professional or entrepreneur and you lead projects or simply work with those who do.

Do any of these scenarios fit your situation?

Is your competition outperforming you? Winning business is getting harder and harder as the competition promises (even if they don't delver) faster service for lower prices.

Is staff time not being used efficiently? If you could reduce your staff’s wasted time by just five minutes every hour, productivity would jump 8.3 percent. Do you know that using 15 minutes a day more efficiently would add almost two weeks of additional productivity a year per person.

Are you responsible for achieving strategic outcomes but have no proven method to do so? You know where you are going but lack a process for achievement. You may be trying to reduce costs, increase production, or roll-out a new initiative but don't know how to get started.

Has a crisis occurred and is endangering your business, your department, and your career? Stuff happens, and when it does gaining control over the chaos seems an insurmountable task that puts your business at risk.

Are you constantly fighting fires and have no time to prevent them? Do you keep solving the same problems over and over? No matter how hard you try you simply don't have the time to get ahead of issues and problems.

If you are struggling with issues like these you are not alone. The result, you are not realizing your dreams but working in a dead-end job that's destroying your ambition, health, and personal life. It doesn't have to be this way.

Some clients we have helped...

Southern California EdisonBoeing
Sage Brush CorporationComputer Sciences Corporation
Los Angeles Unified School DistrictCounty of Orange
Northrop GrummanQLogic Corporation

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