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Welcome to ProjectBall. On this page we will describe No Limits' unique approach to successful project management: The No Limits ProjectBall System.

ProjectBall is

   simple to use,

   easy to remember, and

   engages all the team's players.

Projects are not complex; people are complex.

For that reason, No Limits Leadership has simplified the basic approach to managing projects. To successfully complete a project you simply discover what you need to do, how to do it, and then take action. In other words, successful project management is not overly complicated... it is doable!

Don't be fooled by the complicated project management hype being pushed by trainers of project management. Remember:

   It doesn't matter how much training you take if you don't, or can't, use it on the job.

   Sending your team to training and not changing the way they are measured means you have wasted your training dollars.

   There is no way a class can provide you with the confidence you need to actually apply your skill set in front of your team and customers.

We know - we have trained thousands of project managers and these are the results we have witnessed. You know - because you have wasted time and money by taking this training in the past.

Compare ProjectBall with other approaches:

   Do nothing : You always get what you have always got. It may have worked in the past but times have changed and your projects are more complex.

   Training: New techniques that don't fit your culture, projects, or team.

   Consultants: They do the work for you and then leave you with a complicated system that nobody has bought into and stops using.

   Coaching: Your team spends an hour a week complaining about how badly the project is progressing. Change is impossible because they do not have a viable archetype to model.

   ProjectBall: Imagine a perfect system that is based on sound principles of human behavior, logic, and process design. The system is flexible and simplified. Your team is trained how to modify the system to produce results more quickly when the market demands, increase quality when the customer needs it,  resource expenditures during lean times, and reduce costs when cash flow is tight. This "perfect" system is No Limits' ProjectBall . With ProjectBall your team is trained with a simple system using a real project. The team learns the system under a qualified No Limits consultant, and receives ongoing coaching related to actual experience.  Project Ball  is also compliant with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as well as Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).

For an overview of ProjectBall, click here and explore our interactive diagram. Clicking on each of the elements will open a new page with a short description of that component.

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