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What is No Limits Leadership?

No Limits Leadership is an organization that operates under the premise that successful projects demand high-performance teams, and high-performance teams are created  through effective leadership.

Our mission: To help clients lead their teams resourcefully, in a way that engages them to finish projects. No Limits truly believes there are no limits in reality, only in perception. Great leadership shapes a teams perception until they achieve uncommon success.

Our vision: No Limits Leadership, Inc. is one of the few management consulting organizations that focuses on the leadership components of managing projects. While most consultants concentrate on the  mechanics of project management, No Limits offers an extraordinary approach to effective project management. Rather  than following the "old" methods of doing business, No Limits Leadership is passionate about

  • Breaking down bureaucracy,

  • Speeding up projects, and

  • Accelerating results that improve clients' business.

One of the most crucial elements of successful project management is effective leadership.

Allan Elder, the Co-founder and President of No Limits Leadership, Inc., is an exemplar of this principle. Allan states:

If you want to compete in the world marketplace you have to be agile. Many organizations today don't use in-house experts to do all of the work of the business. They are turning into project-ized businesses that contract out the work but add value by managing the project, much as the building contractor has done for decades.

Allan's professional career demonstrates his philosophy. He worked as an IS director and manager for years, participated in the building of Mt. Sierra Technical College, and was project manager during the dotcom bubble. Allan recalls his experiences:

Early on I discovered that leading projects was my job, technology was just the subject. The pace of             change was so rapid that maintenance was required just to keep things running while upgrading a system.

After a great deal of success I gave up my corporate life to help build a technology college (Mt. Sierra College). After three years the college was fully accredited and the craze called me back into corporate life.

I discovered a changed world. One that had no interest in "managing projects" but "getting things done." I tried using traditional project management as I had learned and used in the past but had several failures. Outsourcing was common, speed was essential, and delays due to project paperwork were unacceptable. 

Unwilling to give up my knowledge and experience so teenagers could play all day I discovered ways to do project management that did not require volumes of planning forms and endless meetings.  I led projects all over the US, Denmark, Japan, and Canada from large hardware design and installations to network cabling, from desktop applications to web site development and Palm Pilot security software. Using the endless energy of young professionals and modified project management methods we could design and build software and hardware systems (often requiring thousands of lines of code and dozens of computer systems) in 2-4 months.

While working with Motorola I incorporated a new team dynamic using my creative and technical people to develop a prototyped and approved Web system in less than 2 hours. While working on in GM's Detroit Towers for four days my project team of four people custom built an intranet portal site that beat out EDS.

My perspective on project management had eternally changed. You don't need two years, a large team, and reams of reports to successfully complete a project. What is required is good leadership... a leader who brings the best out in people. Bureaucratic project management is slow, unresponsive, doesn't work, and is a shield for poor leadership. But projects do not have to be bloated and bureaucratic. If you can lead a team,  the technical aspects of project management will fall into place.

 Although I am no longer a "technician" I remain up-to-date on the trends of technology. We at No Leadership have integrated agile methods, Critical Chain, behavioral analysis, and situational leadership into a leadership system applied to project management to help our customers cut project delivery time dramatically without compromising the quality of the content.

No Limits proves that without good management and leadership  project success is evasive at best. We feel that business success depends on successful projects. Let the No Limits Leadership team show you how to use these methods to fast track your projects, save money, and increase your leadership effectiveness.

Allan's educational and professional credentials include:

  • B.S. in Telecommunications

  • Masters in Project Management

  • Extensive post-graduate  work in Management Information Systems

  • PhD in Organization and Management.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • The first college professor to become a BICSI

  • Extensive training in software and hardware systems such as Sun, HP, MS Project Server, Microsoft, and Linux

  • Certified Technician and instructor.

  • Built a world-class training laboratory that incorporated every type of cabling and fiber optics systems while adhering to ANSI standards

  • Uses the Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain Project Management extensively in his work.

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